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Krystalya Marie and Misa Hopkins – Completely Avoid Colds & Flu ~ Energetically!

Please join us for this powerful and timely discussion with Misa Hopkins & Krystalya Marie, as they share with us how you can prevent and overcome Cold & Flu Viruses with the power of energy tools for healing.

You will learn how you can Prevent viruses from harming you, Overcome flu & cold viruses when you catch them, and quite possibly never have to buy another cold or flu remedy again.

Here are the two Healing Symbols that Krystalya will be demonstrating.


Here are just a few of the things Misa and Krystalya will discuss:

  • How energy medicine can be used for prevention and relief of colds and flu.
  • How sound medicine is effective as an energy medicine protocol.
  • How symbols (colored drawing) can be used for energetic healing support.
  • How our DNA can be taught to respond to new viruses quickly and effectively.
  • How critical it is to have a strong immune system to prevent these viruses, and how you can build your immune system easily.
  • Misa Hopkins is a sound healer who has been teaching sound medicine to practitioners nationally for over 13 years. She first discovered the power of sound, when her mother left her death bed after Misa sang a song to her. She is the author of the best-selling book “The Root of All Healing,” Misa has been receiving visions about new strains of viruses and earth changes during the past few years, and along with those visions she receives healing sounds for both the old and new strains of viruses we encounter.

    Krystalya Marie’s healing miracle launched her into sharing a brand new, highly effective methodology of alternative healing. After finding a golf ball-sized lump in her breast, Krystalya followed her inner guidance to draw a healing symbol. In one brief session with the symbol her lump was gone. Since then, she has continued to help herself and others heal from such conditions as headaches to cancer. Krystalya is the best selling co-author with Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, & Mark Victor Hanson in the Wake-up book series, and Director of the Inner Peace program for Ten Million Clicks for Peace. She is also author of One-Minute Energy Tune-up Power Symbols for Balanced Energy.

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