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Recent Interviews

Natalie Ledwell – Universal Magic: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Natalie Ledwell is a world renowned Law of Attraction expert, who has created a multi-million dollar business online in 3 short years, through an idea called Mind Movies. She is also the creator of … [Read More...]

Krystalya Marie and Misa Hopkins – Completely Avoid Colds & Flu ~ Energetically!

Please join us for this powerful and timely discussion with Misa Hopkins & Krystalya Marie, as they share with us how you can prevent and overcome Cold & Flu Viruses with the power of energy tools for … [Read More...]

Nadia Tumas – The Secret Path to Prosperity, Love and Joy is In Your Hands!

Nadia Tumas is an Internationally known Certified Hand Analyst who combines over 30 years of intuitive hand analysis with her unique system of Life Purpose Decoding. Her clients often testify to … [Read More...]

Sheila Gillette and THEO – Finding Happiness through Soul Integration

Sheila Gillette is internationally known as the mentor who inspired Esther Hicks and Abraham. She is a renowned trans-medium and direct voice channel for twelve archangels known collectively as … [Read More...]

Ken Foster – Accessing Wealth From Wisdom

Ken Foster is a master coach and an acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence with in-depth knowledge in creating sustainable personal and business success. For the last 16 years he has … [Read More...]

Anette Carlstrom – Loving Yourself – The Gateway to Be Free From Suffering!

Anette is known as a modern-day mystic, and she is often referred to as "Sweden's answer to the Dalai Lama". Her loving messages and transmissions uplift thousands of people worldwide. This is a … [Read More...]

Jim Self – ‘The Shift’ Is Heating Up

Jim's unique gifts and teachings have introduced a calmness and a freedom to my life, and I feel inspired to share his gifts with you. In this interview, Jim digs deep into what it means to be … [Read More...]

Recent Articles and Posts

Sustained Happiness: A Vital Component to Ascension

By Maureen Moss Dearest Hearts, As always I pray you are well as the rebooting of our Infinite Beings, continues. What an … [Read More...]

Getting Life to Cooperate

Getting Life to Cooperate :-) Hello! I invite you to think back about 15 months ago, to the start of 2011 -- does your life look exactly like it did back then? I bet the answer for most of … [Read More...]

Listen to Your Heart

This video is guaranteed to take you to a serene, wondrous, happy place in just moments - with no effort except hitting play! … [Read More...]

What On Earth Is Going On?

By Jeanne Arellan Life on Earth is not what it used to be. Our global economic structure is collapsing. World politics are changing. People are standing up to tyranny and demanding … [Read More...]

The Power of Standing Up

by Jason Leister Almost 3 years ago, I started on the path towards accepting responsibility for everything that happens in my life. I was hardly living my "best life" at the time and the … [Read More...]

Karen Curry – More Health, More Wealth, More Love

There's a promise in Human Design that may be a different kind of promise than you've heard before. If you're like most of the people who are drawn to Human Design, you've probably been on a quest … [Read More...]

Julie Hart – New Beginnings

Greetings... Spring Has Sprung! Just "woke up" from a major 2 day snowstorm here in Sedona. And from my window I see majestic red rock formations, white-topped and radiant in the brilliant … [Read More...]

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